Practitioner Consult Disclaimer


    The goal of a practitioner consult with Kate Mahoney, NTP is to support the ability of functional practitioners to better understand the functional use of supplements in their professional practices.

    When used appropriately, the information provided during a consult can help support understanding, but Kate Mahoney, NTP does not claim to treat any specific disease or medical condition. This consult will not provide medical diagnoses, and no comment or suggestion should be construed as a medical diagnosis or medical advice.

    Since every human being is unique, specific results cannot be guaranteed from how you, as a practitioner, choose to use the information you learn. Therefore, as a practitioner you understand and accept that how you choose to use the information is your responsibility, and at no time in no way will you pursue legal action against the Academy of PSC or Kate Mahoney, NTP due to potential misuse or misunderstanding of the information provided during the consult.

    Everyone you work with in your professional practice is an individual, and therefore it is your responsibility as a practitioner to use your skills to assess and address potential reactions to any supplement you choose to recommend.

    The information provided during a consult is not a substitute for an appropriate healthcare provider. If you suffer from a medical or pathological condition, it is your responsibility to consult with an appropriate healthcare provider.

    Laws and regulations regarding certification and licensure requirements differ from state to state and country to country, and occasionally change. It is the responsibility of each practitioner to research the laws in the state or country in which they practice, or intend to practice.

    By signing below, you confirm that you have read and fully understand the Disclaimer. You verify you are in complete agreement thereto and do freely and without duress sign and consent to all terms contained herein. You also understand that failure to adhere to this Disclaimer will result in an inability to benefit from further consultations with Kate Mahoney, NTP without refund for any prepaid consultations.

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